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Brand Security

Protecting your brand against diversion, retail theft, fraudulent claims and counterfeiting is more challenging today than ever. As product related crime and security threats increase, U.S. businesses are estimated to have lost hundreds of billions of dollars in the last year alone due to security gaps in their supply chains.

Topflight’s brand security group has more than 30 years of experience working with Fortune 1000 customers to mitigate revenue loss and product liability exposure. Topflight’s integrated and layered technology approach offers brand owners the best possible processes and systems to protect their brand and their customers.

Self-Destructing Labels

Topflight offers two label destruction methods, the first being a construction whereby any attempt to remove the label from most surfaces will cause the label to split. The second method is a guaranteed release pattern over the serialization area which leaves behind a conspicuous image when the label is peeled back. Generally, using only one of these methods would be sufficient for most applications.

Designed to withstand not only tampering, but the harshest of environments, these constructions offer the most cost-effective means to secure your product, ensure authenticity, and warn and inform your customer. These labels can be produced in a variety of sizes and shapes, and we can even engineer the release pattern to mimic nearly any image you can envision. These tamper evident configurations can be utilized in any application that demands a rigorous insistence against product label tampering.

Tagging & Tracking

Topflight offers many printing and stock options for bar code labels, including polyimide surfaces which can withstand temperatures up to 540°C (1000°F) which are ideal for tracking PC boards or other electronic components through high-temperature assembly lines. Most stocks are preapproved for UL/CSA use, and are treated to withstand fluxes, solvents, cleaners, and saponifiers.

Tagging products are also available for other applications, including inventory, RFID, and animal tracking for the food industry. RFID and security features can be added to Topflight tracking tags, as well as DNA markers for more precise verification.

Tamper Evident

Topflight Corporation has helped to develop a number of self-destructing constructions for various applications, including fire extinguishers and automobile nameplates. With custom adhesives, these labels cannot be removed without leaving some sign of tampering, offering greater security, safety, and informational reliability.

Self-destructing labels can be created utilizing security slits, precise die configurations, patterned adhesive zones, or unique material constructions. Over the years, our product development specialists have engineered several custom solutions for various customers, providing a number of current solutions along with the continued ability to create new designs.


Build a fortress around your brand with Topflight’s total security program. The list below represents a sampling of the hundreds of features that could be used to build a multi-layered security label that goes beyond the usual technology. Before a technology is offered to customers, it’s analyzed and tested to ensure it performs as expected, delivers dynamic features and is cost effective. Due to the proprietary nature of many of these technologies, detailed information is available only upon request from a certified brand owner.

*Overt: Holograms, pseudo-holograms, OVDs (optical variable devices), intaglio inks, threads, watermarks, security overlaminate

* Covert: Taggants, color shifting inks with optional time-expiration features, micro-text, UV additives, forensically-invisible markers, synthetic DNA, nanoparticles, chemical & IR tags,   water indicating, security-engineered adhesives

* Track & Trace: RFID, encrypted bar codes, 2D data matrix bar code, human readable codes, serialization schemes, chemical coding

* Tamper Indicating: Delaminating film, destructible (frangible), heat tampering, solvent tampering

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