Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Today’s competition in the food and beverage industries is growing significantly, which means that overall label quality is more critical than ever. Topflight produces many of the food-beverage labels you see today, from salad dressing and ground beef to your favorite wine and craft beer. We are equipped to produce any configuration or label design, including exceptionally demanding applications, while maintaining the highest level of product safety and security.

Whether your label needs to resist moisture, or withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, our R&D team will work closely with you to ensure that your labels meet all required product quality and safety specifications. We can also provide a variety of varnishes and specialty coatings to ensure your brand POPS off the shelf within that sea of competing labels.

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Crystal Clear Labels

For applications requiring a “no label look,” Topflight’s ultra-clear labels allow product to be viewed through the label, exposing the fresh ingredients and color which will grab their attention at the point of purchase. These labels can simulate the look of direct printing on the container, with a less expensive technique like digital, roll-to-roll screen or flexographic printing.

Multiple clear stocks are available, some on cold temperature permanent adhesive which can be applied in temperatures as low at 35°F. Embedded luminescence provides a readable surface for application machines with read rates of up to 300 products per minute.

Expanded Content

Topflight expanded content labels provide an ideal solution for including more information within an already limited label area. Whether incorporating a resealable hinged or a multi-page booklet design, these labels can deliver three or more times the usable area of a standard, similarly sized label.

Expanded content labels are ideal for cautionary indications, multilingual translations, nutritional information or coupons. Available formats include two-ply, multi-ply, booklets, piggyback, or folded pieces. These flexible labeling solutions can be customized for a number of food and beverage applications, and all are produced on custom-built, dedicated equipment to ensure quality, performance, and positioning.

Information Tracking

A variety of numbering and tracking options are available to identity food and beverages including linear barcodes, QR codes, 2D bar codes, UPCs, variable numbering, serialization and liner numbering. Topflight can accept data files from customers, or supply and track sequential numbers from order to order.

RFID and NFC represent some of today’s most rapidly developing technologies and offer numerous advantages over traditional inventory methods. The technology can relay more information with greater accuracy, durability, ease of use, design options, and security. RFID solutions can verify products as well as provide tracking and descriptive information to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Topflight has produced millions of RFID tags over the past decades, and possesses the experience and expertise to help develop and produce a successful RFID program, working with all types of tags and frequencies.

Prime Labels

Topflight produces labels for many types of food and beverages. Our vivid color and crisp text appear on anything from salsa and lunch meat to pizza and frozen food. Digital, flexographic, screen, letterpress, and combination printing provides four-color process, variable content, bar coding, and even QR codes for instruction and social media promotion.

We can also provide a variety of varnishes and specialty coatings to ensure your brand POPS off the shelf within that sea of competing labels. Our product development and engineering groups have been solving difficult and innovative challenges for over 70 years. We also offer creative services, prototyping, and material analysis services.


Printed shrink film is a cost effective and decorative option for high-impact labeling, product protection and security. Shrink can be produced utilizing a number of materials, including PVC, PETG, and PLA (environmentally friendly compostable films), and it can be supplied in a variety of sizes and forms, from complete packaging wraps to decorative sleeves.

Many options are available, including double vertical and horizontal burst perforations, seamed sleeves, seamless tubing, and virtually seamless printing. Precise digital and flexographic printing can also add instructions, warnings, graphics, and bar coding. Topflight’s R&D department can solve even the most challenging requirements for food safety and security, while at the same time including 360° eye-popping graphics and imagery to your food or beverage packaging.

Tamper Evident

As food safety and security are of the utmost importance, Topflight has helped to develop a number of tamper evident and self-destructing constructions for various applications. With custom adhesives, these labels cannot be removed without leaving some sign of tampering, offering greater security, safety, and informational reliability.

Self-destructing shrink sleeves and labels can be created utilizing perforations, security slits, precise die configurations, patterned adhesive zones, or unique material constructions.

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