Printed circuits are often a time- and cost-saving alternative to traditional production methods for applications such as sensors, diagnostic devices, antennae, flexible displays, transistors, shields, resistors, and dielectrics. By using a variety of materials, inks and processes, Topflight can develop the right solution for your custom application.

RFID (radio frequency identification) offers advantages over traditional bar coding, relaying more information with greater accuracy without the need for a direct line of sight. Vastly experienced with RFID, Topflight can assist with your project’s development, printing, converting, inlay insertion, laminating, and antenna and tag production. Antennae, one of the key components of RFID, can be printed or etched in varying combinations of silver, copper or aluminum to achieve the exact transmission and range for each project.

Conductive Printing

Topflight has decades of experience printing electronics for biosensors, antennae, flexible displays, transistors, and shields. We can manufacture components with fine line traces (3 mils in certain applications) using polymer thick films, etching, nanoparticle conductive ink or copper additive technology. Whether carbon, silver, silver chloride, copper or aluminum, we can layer or blend elements to achieve surface resistivity readings from 250,000 to 0.005 ohms/square. Topflight can also combine conductives with printed dielectrics or laminate additional materials in-line.

As technology continues to advance, our engineers are able to use smaller spaces without sacrificing conductivity. High performance is delivered while cutting the circuit size and cost. These printed electronics layers use less design real estate; can be wrapped around objects without cracking; are more environmentally friendly than etching; can be produced on paper or film; and several of our processes can enable seamless scale up from prototype to production.

Topflight Conductive Printing Parts
Medical Electronics

Medical Electronics

Manufacturers are increasingly adding conductive features to their medical devices, and have challenged Topflight to produce your design components that are smaller and more advanced than ever before. Topflight has more than 30 years of experience producing printed circuits and other components for biosensors, antennae, heaters, transistors, blood coagulation devices and test strips. We have deep experience printing with both polymer thick films (PTF) and nanoparticle silver and carbon (graphene) inks. When higher conductivity is required, patterns can also be etched with copper or aluminum. Projects have been done on traditional polyester and polyimides, as well as thinner films such as polycarbonate and paper.

Conductive tapes and adhesives can also be used to incorporate conductivity into your product design. Topflight has built vendor relationships with the leading materials and adhesives manufacturers to have access to the latest developments in this area. As life sciences companies begin to incorporate more electronic components in their designs, Topflight is ready to assist with prototypes, design consultation and full-scale production.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags can be incorporated into any label for product identification, tracking or embedded security. Topflight is a leading supplier and qualified converter for some of the largest RFID providers, and have converted millions of RFID tags for specialized applications, including DVD and book pricing labels, airline baggage scanning, diagnostic tags, and mass transit tickets. We offer a variety of RFID services and options, including printing, etching, inlaying, coating, laminating, and delivery in rolls, sheets, or singles:

  • All types of tags – from EPC Class 1 to Gen 2
  • Advanced functional material conversion – even printed proteins
  • Extreme environments – from golf balls to cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen
  • All frequencies – from LF/HF, HF extended performance, near field UHF, & Microwave
  • Near field communication (NFC) from payment antenna to advanced payment inlays
  • Extended performance HF tags designed to meet item level needs
  • Wireless sensing components including printed sensors with RFID backhaul
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