Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Many of the top health and beauty companies you are familiar with come to Topflight for expertise and solutions for their cosmetic and personal care labeling and packaging needs. Using various printing and converting methods, Topflight produces prime and secondary labels, shrink sleeves, PETG bands, grid seals and coupons for the smallest lipstick to the largest container of dietary supplements.

Whether you need sensory tactile labeling, the originality provided by Mosaic software, or spot on color matching, our printing processes provide high-speed, dramatic results using digital, flexography, letterpress, and screen graphics, with up to 12-stations in-line.

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Color Matching

Topflight has one of the most sophisticated and exact color matching systems available. Utilizing both computer analysis and experienced color experts, we can provide near perfect matches from specified standards or sample swatches. Proofs are generated utilizing the customer-specified material, and are provided within an established frame of tolerances, so there are no surprises when the final product arrives.

For guaranteed repeatability of an approved color, digital measurements and ink formulas are recorded and maintained for every match. Inks are mixed and dispensed consistently through a computer system, and exact chromatic readings are compared with approved standards during production to ensure that an approved color appears the same every time it is printed.

Lipstick labels show Topflight's skill at color matching, in the cosmetics section of the Topflight website
Eat the Bear Label on a Cosmeceutical product in the Cosmetics section of Topflight website


Topflight produces printed labels for some of the top FDA-regulated products in the world, including cosmetics and supplements. From flashy, multi-colored labels to crystal clear labels, our strict ISO procedures ensure accuracy and quality. We can also incorporate shrink sleeves with 360° graphics, and shrink bands for that extra added security to warn, inform or protect your customers.

Topflight can incorporate a number of features into your labels, including holograms, tamper evidence, expanded content, or RFID. Our process engineers can assist in all areas of project development and production to offer you solutions that effectively differentiate and identify your product.

Expanded Content

Many cosmetic companies are being pressured to include more information within an already limited label area. Topflight expanded content labels provide an ideal solution. Whether incorporating a resealable hinged label or a multi-page booklet design, these labels can deliver three or more times the usable area of a standard, similarly sized label.

Expanded content labels are ideal for extensive cautionary indications, compliance information, multilingual translations, or coupons. Expanded content formats available include, two-ply, multi-ply, booklets, piggyback, or folded pieces. These flexible labeling solutions can be customized for a number of consumer applications.

Multi-ply label shown on the top of a cosmetics container
Shampoo Labels used in the Cosmetics & Personal Care Markets

Prime Labels

Topflight manufactures many different label and shrink products for the cosmetics market. Our printing processes provide high-speed, dazzling results in digital, flexography, letterpress, and screen graphics. For the ultimate ability to capture interest at point of purchase, our combination presses deliver beautiful four-color process, vignette, and foil stamped images.

Endless possibilities exist through a number of technologies, including 12-station printing in one continuous run, digital printing, back-printing, hot stamping, cold foil, multiple constructions, and intricate die-cutting. We also offer innovative material constructions for multi-ply and piggyback labels.

Product Protection & Seals

Topflight has created a variety of seal solutions to protect against environmental contamination and consumer tampering. Sifter seals provide a tabbed adhesive release which not only keeps powders locked inside the package, but also keeps them from contaminating the applicator. Clear discs offer the same protection in a custom-fitted, die-cut part.

Additionally, we produce unique products based on multi-layer design with a built-in tab that removes more cleanly and easily. We also produce grid seals to maintain the moisture in products. Originally developed to deter dehydration of certain gel products, grid seals act to seal in moisture, freshness, and aroma while protecting from exterior elements.

Topflight Converted Disc Inside a Cosmetics Compact
Shrink sleeves shown on a pile of cosmetics (eye pencils)


Shrink sleeves provide security and durability to many personal care products, while also serving to accent or enhance appearance and packaging. Topflight Corporation can produce custom sleeves for a variety of applications, from simple cap seals to intricate, multi-product configuration wraps for promotional packaging.

A variety of options are available, including double vertical and horizontal burst perforations; rolls, sheets or singulated parts; and seamed sleeves or seamless tubing. Economical production costs and unlimited configurations can be achieved with PVC, PETG, and now recyclable films.

Skin Contact

A variety of materials are available for delicate adhesive applications involving direct skin contact, including active ingredient delivery systems and indicating labels. Because Topflight also manufactures components for leading pharmaceutical companies, we have years of experience successfully die-cutting and printing such materials.

Operating under strict confidentiality practices, our outstanding research and development staff works with clients from the inception of an idea through commercialization of the product. We offer the broadest range of manufacturing capabilities available, specializing in precision die-cutting, exact color matching, outstanding multi-color printing, conductive inks, silicone adhesives, adhesive-free zones, non-reactive materials, hydrophilic and hydrophobic adhesives, moisture barrier foils, and high MVTR films.

Small child with sunglasses wearing a skin contact label, cosmetics section
Tactile label shown on a cosmetics (body mist) bottle

Tactile Labels

Topflight offers several options which can enhance the customer experience with cosmetic packaging. Soft Touch film is a clear, matte material with the same tactile properties of popular soft, pearlescent containers. Complementing the already visual message of the label, this film adds the sense of touch to the total product experience with a soft, sensual texture and a nearly invisible label appearance.

Various varnishes can also add special effects to labels, creating the feel of linen, parchment, or even the texture of the packaging, while our specialty coatings line allows us to create textures such as the feel of sand, rubber, reticulation, embossing or debossing on your labeling for that extra added shelf appeal.

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