Electronics companies require components that are increasingly smaller, thinner, and lighter. Topflight has experience in printing and converting components for this market such as gaskets, seals, insulators, EMI/RFI shields, transistors, heaters, circuits, resistors, dielectrics, batteries, capacitors, diodes, solar/photovoltaics, LCD displays, PC cards, and conductive tapes.

Topflight’s lab can test materials and adhesives to ensure electrical properties before manufacturing your product. Multiple in-line capabilities from precision die cutting, laser cutting, and printing to multi-layer laminations, can be combined for maximum manufacturing efficiency.

Die Cut Components

Topflight provides precision die-cutting on a variety of materials for electronics components. Our parts are produced on flexible converting equipment to tolerances as tight as ±0.001″. Multi-layer constructions can virtually eliminate the need for conventional screws, rivets, or welds, and provide greater cushioning.

Various materials can be converted, from thin films and laminates at thicknesses of 0.001″, to open and closed cell foams reaching thicknesses of 0.125″, along with plastic, rubber, and even cloth. We also possess a wealth of experience with difficult challenges such as processing double-liner adhesive systems, converting thicker or softer adhesive systems, and providing adhesive-free zones.

Functional Parts

Printed conductive products provide greater flexibility and less expense for applications such as sensors, signal generators, antennas, RFID solutions, conductors, resistors, dielectrics, and bioelectric enablers. Topflight printed traces can achieve the same results as conventional circuits, but at a fraction of the time and cost involved in production.

Drying and curing of heavy inks guarantees performance, and multiple printing steps allow maximum flexibility in creating necessary thickness, printed three-dimensionality, and exact resultant resistivity readings for each project. Compounds include silver, carbon, graphene, copper, aluminum, and blended elements to attain a variety of values for the most demanding electronics applications. We have also had success printing conductives on thinner films and paper.

Labels & Overlays

Topflight’s custom printed labels, faceplates, and overlays are intended for applications such as PC card labels, overlays for set top boxes, high temperature bar code labels for PC boards, customizable thermal transfer labels, and identification materials. Topflight also has a wealth of available materials that already meet UL/CSA requirements.

We offer high-speed, rotary printing in a variety of processes including flexographic, letterpress, screen, hot stamping, and digital printing. Our expert process engineers can help choose the most effective method of production for your electronics project from a multitude of press and material options. For especially demanding pieces, we can utilize combination presses and custom converting equipment to provide everything from four-color process to adhesive-free zones.

Tagging & Tracking

Topflight Corporation offers many printing and stock options for bar code labels, including polyimide surfaces which can withstand temperatures up to 540°C (1000°F) which are ideal for tracking PC boards or other electronics components through high-temperature assembly lines. Most stocks are pre-approved for UL/CSA use, and are treated to withstand fluxes, solvents, cleaners, and saponifiers.

Tagging products are also available for other applications, including inventory, RFID, and animal tracking for the food industry. RFID and security features can be added to Topflight tracking tags, as well as DNA markers for more precise verification.

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