Topflight is a contract manufacturer of precision die-cut, printed, layered and laminated components for medical devices, as well as custom components across a vast array of markets. With over 40 years experience converting extremely challenging parts, Topflight partners with you through your design process to develop and manufacture products that scale seamlessly from prototype to high-volume production. We can provide the tools making it faster and easier to get your product from concept and material selection through approval, full-scale production ramp-up and market launch. ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, we build quality into everything we make. Our quality system includes a full testing and inspection lab, in-process vision systems and final batch record reviews to ensure that components meet customer and regulatory requirements the first time, on time, every time.


Advanced Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care products are increasingly being used to treat chronic or severe wounds. As the demand continues to grow due to an aging population and a diabetes epidemic, new materials and capabilities are constantly being developed. Topflight’s wound care manufacturing capabilities include precision die cutting (steel rule, male-female, and rotary), laser cutting, prototyping, multi-layer laminating and assembly. In addition, delicate and low-tensile strength materials can be incorporated into your designs with our precise electronic tension controls.

Topflight works with the leading medical materials and adhesives companies to offer designs options that deliver premium performance and manufacturing efficiency. From skin-friendly adhesives, to breathable dressings and closures, Topflight can work with you to find the best material for your application. Some of our many key applications and products include hydrocolloids and hydrogels, island placement dressings, wound and suture closure strips, negative pressure dressings, patterned or zoned adhesives and IV site care.

Diagnostics & Microfluidics

Manufacturing of diagnostic products requires unmatched precision, repeatability and materials knowledge. Topflight is recognized as a market leader and has worked with several Fortune 1000 companies in creating devices for blood/glucose monitoring; testing for pregnancy, HIV, drugs of abuse, and cholesterol; and for blood coagulation. Our extensive experience with a variety of converting techniques necessary for the medical field sets us apart from most printers or converters. ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, Lean Manufacturing, and system-driven mandated procedures ensure quality and confidence in every stage of product development.

Precision die-cutting with in-line laser cutting and punching gives the customer maximum design flexibility and various options for manufacturing parts economically. Some of the many products that can be produced on our wide variety of equipment include diagnostic test strips; microtiter plate lids, covers and adhesives; glucose monitoring devices; lateral & capillary flow assays and microfluidic tests.

Gaskets & Seals

Topflight has extensive experience with precision die cutting from thin films and laminates at thicknesses of 0.0005″, to open and closed cell foams reaching thicknesses of 0.125″, along with plastic, rubber, and even cloth. Using a rotary die-cutting press, Topflight can laminate up to 8 layers of materials while maintaining tight tolerances. An in-line laser adds additional cutting capabilities, and eliminates the need for tooling.

Some of the parts being converted include gaskets, seals, components preventing buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR), noise and vibration dampening components, insulators, attachment tapes and thermal management materials.

Topflight Die Cutting & Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Topflight’s laser system cuts intricate and delicate designs at speeds up to 150 fpm on a wide range of materials. “Virtual tooling” allows for prototype creation without the purchase of expensive tools, and the ability to tightly nest shapes limits scrap.

Because the depth and repeatability of the laser cut can be accurately controlled, highly precise scoring is possible. Laser cutting can produce .040″ slots and .010″ diameters when the smallest features are required. Flexible materials as thin as .0005″ can be cut with clean edges, clear of material strands. Options include: kiss cutting delicate material, perforation, sealing, scoring, etching, channels, small through-hole production and tiling images up to 60″ long.

Multi-Layer Laminating

Topflight is an expert in laminating multiple material layers with high-precision to minimize hand-assembly of components. Using a variety of pressure sensitive transfer and double-coated adhesives, Topflight can assemble up to 8 layers in one pass, incorporating multiple die patterns. Automated tension controls allow for almost zero tension material handling for the most delicate materials, reducing stretch or curl.

In addition to 8 layers of assembly, Topflight has an in-line laser and punch press for finishing or cutting operations. Complex laminating solutions such as island placement or pattern-coated adhesive can also be done in-line.

Precision Die-Cutting

Topflight has a wide range of converting capabilities, capable of clean cuts with full slug removal, no burrs, and no distortion. Various materials can be converted, from thin films and laminates at thicknesses of 0.0005″, to open and closed cell foams reaching thicknesses of 0.125″, along with plastic, rubber, and even cloth.

Multi-layered constructions, complex stripping applications, and adhesive-free zones are possible with no distortion and low adhesive flow. Custom equipment can offer the flexibility of interchangeable converting stations, precise tension control for thinner films, and automatic re-registration. Some capabilities include: servo driven rotary die-cutting, flatbed steel rule & male-female (roll-to-roll processing with flatbed tool), laser cutting and inlay/label insertion.

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