Consumer & Durable

Consumer & Durable

Topflight produces many of the labels you see in your home every day. From power tools to appliances to fire extinguishers, we are equipped to produce any configuration or label designs you request, plus a variety of exceptionally demanding applications such as consumer-durable labels which remain unhindered by high temperatures, solvent resistant products, weather and UV fade-resistant substances, and special adhesive performance on difficult surfaces.

A pioneer in subsurface or showcase printing, Topflight can reverse print the underside of a clear film like polycarbonate (Lexan™), known for its durability. We then add adhesive to sandwich the printing between the surface and the film it is printed on, protecting it from scuffs and abrasion. Our digital offering allows you to print shorter runs resulting in little to no inventory, improving your cash flow and getting you to market faster.

Tamper evident security labels on Consumer-Durable product

Tamper Evident

Topflight has helped to develop a number of self-destructing constructions for various applications, including fire extinguishers and automobile nameplates. With custom adhesives, these labels cannot be removed without leaving some sign of tampering, offering greater security, safety, and informational reliability.

Self-destructing labels can be created utilizing security slits, precise die configurations, patterned adhesive zones, or unique material constructions. Over the years, our product development specialists have assisted various customers with the development of their engineered custom solutions, providing a number of current solutions along with the continued ability to provide input to customers creating new designs.

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Expanded Content

Topflight expanded content labels provide an ideal solution to increasing required information in a limited label area. Whether incorporating a resealable hinged label or a multi-page booklet design, these labels can deliver three or more times the usable area of a standard, similarly sized label. Expanded content labels are ideal for mandatory compliance information, extensive cautionary indications, multilingual translations, or coupons.

Expanded content label on set of wrenches in the Consumer-Durable goods section of the Topflight website
Labels shown on a lawn tractor in the Consumer-Durable section of the Topflight website

High Performance

Topflight can produce labels for a variety of demanding conditions such as high temperatures, solvents, weather and UV exposure, and difficult adhesive surfaces. Every part is custom engineered to meet all requirements and regulations for your application.

In addition, Topflight has one of the largest selections of materials and constructions which already meet UL or CSA requirements to identify tools, appliances, and other consumer products. Materials are available in a variety of finishes to provide the ideal match for any industrial design, and can withstand temperatures up to 150°C. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags can be added to products for asset tracking, security, and identification. We have produced labels that withstand some of the most extreme conditions, from high temperature golf ball production to low temperature cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen.

Prime Labels

Topflight produces labels for many consumer products. Our vivid color and crisp text appear on anything from power tools, home appliances and industrial equipment to cleaning products and candles. Digital, flexographic, screen, letterpress, and combination printing provides four-color process, variable content, serialization and bar coding, and even adhesive-free zones for appliance overlays.

There is no need to sacrifice the look and feel of your brand for durability. Topflight can produce labels for a variety of demanding conditions such as high temperatures, solvents, weather and UV exposure, and difficult adhesive surfaces. Our product development and engineering groups have been developing answers to difficult and innovative challenges for over 70 years. We also offer creative services, prototyping, and material analysis services.

Beer Labels on Display in a Row representing the Food & Beverage markets
Shrink sleeves on containers in the Consumer-Durable goods section of the Topflight website


Printed shrink film is a cost effective and decorative option for high-impact labeling, product protection and security. Shrink can be produced utilizing a number of materials, including PVC, PETG, and PLA (environmentally friendly compostable films). It can be supplied in a variety of sizes and forms, from complete packaging wraps to decorative sleeves.

Many options are available, including double vertical and horizontal burst perforations, seamed sleeves, seamless tubing, and virtually seamless printing. Precise digital and flexographic printing can also add instructions, warnings, graphics, and bar coding.

Tactile Labels

Not only can Topflight produce a stunning, colorful label to your exact specifications, we can finish it with a variety of varnishes and laminations to increase its durability and appeal. Among these are a number of textured finishes, including those designed to mimic application surfaces, which give the label a character all its own. Our specialty coatings line allows us to create the feel of sand, rubber or reticulation on your labeling, as well as add a sparkling pearlescent finish.

For unique, three-dimensional effects, we can provide polyurethane capping or customized pattern varnishes. Combining matte and gloss varnishes can add dimension to your label, and we can even provide writable finishes. Embossing and debossing offer further surface features to distinguish your product from the competition.

Tactile label on vodka bottle in consumer-durable goods section of Topflight website

UL/CSA Labels

The UL/CSA (Underwriters Laboratories/ Canadian Standards Association) mark on a product signifies that UL and/or CSA has tested and evaluated representative samples of that product and determined that they meet all standards and requirements. Topflight offers one of the largest selections of materials and constructions which already meet UL/CSA requirements.

Materials are available in a variety of finishes including white, clear, shiny chrome, matte chrome, brushed shiny chrome, brushed matte chrome, matte white, and many other finishes and laminate enhancements to provide the ideal match for any industrial design. Constructions can be made suitable for secondary printing in line, such as thermal transfer for laser imprinting.

Fire extinguisher with UL/CSA label on the Consumer-Durable page of the Topflight website
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