Topflight has assisted some of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in creating unique applications, including island placement and flag labels; no-slip grips; security taggants; and serialization products. We operate under a rigorous quality assurance program according to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is fully integrated and manages all aspects of our day-to-day operations, ensuring that labeling and quality documentation is generated from a master data file to reduce paperwork errors. Raw material traceability is electronically tracked from warehouse receipts throughout the entire manufacturing process for quick and accurate retrieval in the event of any product issues.

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Crystal Clear Labels

For pharmaceuticals requiring a “no label look,” Topflight’s ultra-clear labels allow product to be viewed through the label. These labels can simulate the look of direct printing on the container, with a less expensive technique like digital, roll-to-roll screen or flexographic printing.

Multiple clear stocks are available, some on cold temperature permanent adhesive which can be applied in temperatures as low at 35°F. Embedded luminescence provides a readable surface for application machines with read rates of up to 300 products per minute.

Expanded Content

Topflight offers a number of flexible labeling solutions which are ideal for pharmaceuticals requiring increasing mandatory compliance information for the FDA, extensive cautionary indications or multilingual translations in a variety of applications. Island placement labels feature a removable label which can be applied to a different record or location to ensure accuracy and quality control. Two-ply, multi-ply and wraparound label designs are available with a resealable hinge to deliver three times the usable area of a standard, similarly sized label.

Since expanded content labels accommodate a larger information area, they can eliminate secondary label inserts on packaging lines, as well as decrease raw materials, making for much more efficient production runs. In addition, they can be utilized to create a streamlined information chain, serve as duplicate data, or enhance many other critical applications.

Information Tracking

A variety of numbering and tracking options are available to identify products including QR codes, 2D bar codes, UPCs, variable numbering, liner numbering, and serialized data. Topflight can accept randomized number files from customers, or supply and track sequential numbers from order to order.

RFID represents one of the most rapidly developing technologies in the pharmaceutical industry and offers numerous advantages over traditional inventory methods. The technology can relay more information with greater accuracy, durability, ease of use, design options, and security. RFID solutions can verify products as well as provide tracking and descriptive information to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

Topflight Corporation has produced millions of RFID tags over the past decade, and possesses the experience and expertise to help develop and produce a successful RFID program for pharmaceuticals.

Island & Flag Labels

Detachable flag labels are complex constructions which possess a distinct end tab, or “flag” extension. This flag functions as a secondary label to create a streamlined information chain, serve as duplicate data, or enhance many other critical applications.

Island placement offers a unique label-on-label construction with many added benefits. Topflight’s custom release system allows the top, or “island,” label to be easily and cleanly removed from the base label, producing a dual-labeling configuration. The island label can then be reapplied to a variety of surfaces, including glass or plastic vials, syringes, patient charts, or medical records. Consistent information printed on both labels can then be utilized to provide greater reliability and security in the transfer of critical data that accompanies pharmaceuticals.

Prime Labels

Topflight produces printed prime and secondary labels – from vivid four-color process and multi-color packaging labels, to crystal clear vial labels; holographic tear strips; precise syringe and oxygenator gradients; and flag or island placement labels. With a long history of innovation, Topflight is the company that many turn to when facing a challenge with your design. Our process engineers can assist in all areas of project development and production to suggest possible design solutions which effectively differentiate and identify your pharmaceuticals.

When you need your label to do more than identify or decorate your product, Topflight offers a wide range of functional capabilities which include printed adhesives & adhesive free zones for clear viewing windows. We can also print tactile surfaces for a no-slip patient grip on syringes; overt, covert & forensic brand security features and printed circuits and other electronic features.

Topflight Bottle with Label Shrink with Secure Holographic Tear Strip


Pharmaceuticals often need ways to keep the integrity of the product secure. Printed shrink film is a cost effective and functional option. Shrink sleeves provide security and durability to many pharmaceutical products, while also serving to accent or enhance appearance and packaging. Specialty seals not only provide innovative and protective packaging, but can also mark products against counterfeiting and tampering.

Topflight can produce custom sleeves for a variety of applications, from simple cap seals to intricate, multi-product configuration wraps. Security seals can also be constructed with holographic stripes, perforations, and tear strips to ensure protection of any product. A variety of options are available, including double vertical and horizontal burst perforations, and we offer seamed sleeves as well as seamless tubing. Precise digital or flexographic printing can also add instructions, warnings, graphics, and bar coding.

UDI Labeling

When fully implemented, the FDA’s new Unique Device Identifier (UDI) system will improve the accurate identification of all medical devices on the market and the critical information that goes along with these devices. As labeling on most devices will now require a UDI in human- and machine-readable form, Topflight can print these for you, from the UDI and prime label to the barcode and shipping labels.

Topflight can help make this transition effortless, with our digital printing option providing perfect ink-to-ink registration, type down to 1 point, and incredible detail in images, all while contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment. Variable content and serialization are highly cost effective with database-driven print files and shorter runs with lower quantities are more economical when printed digitally.

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