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Topflight has over 40 years of experience partnering with Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers to make labels, overlays, sensors, printed electronics, Poron® gaskets, and seals for the automotive industry. As pressures increase to reduce costs and vehicle weight while adding functionality, we use our wide range of capabilities to innovate and bring new ideas to market. From supplying a prototype to designing for full-scale production, Topflight can manage the entire design cycle.

Variable data options can also be added to your labels for identification or consumer information, such as UL/CSA numbers, variable or consecutive serial numbering, 2D bar codes, and QR codes. If RFID antennas are required, Topflight has over 30 years of experience with producing RFID and other functional printed electronics components.

Functional Parts

Topflight has vast experience printing conductive inks for applications such as sensors, coils, heaters, circuits, and transistors. We have been at the cutting edge of product design and manufacturing with printing polymer thick films (PTF), carbon/graphene, and silver as well as etching copper and aluminum. Printing electronics can help automotive manufacturers miniaturize components, reduce weight, and add functionality.

In addition, our RFID capabilities can be utilized to add RFID antennas to any label configuration. Antennae can be produced in LF/HF to UHF Microwave frequencies, and from EPC Class 1 to Gen 2. Applications for this technology include windshield readers, inventory management, counterfeiting and theft protection, and asset tracking.

Gaskets & Seals

Topflight has deep experience with precision die cutting from thin films and laminates at thicknesses of 0.001″, to open and closed cell foams reaching thicknesses of 0.125″, along with plastic, rubber, and even cloth. Using a rotary die-cutting press, Topflight can laminate up to 8 layers of materials while maintaining tight tolerances. An in-line laser adds additional cutting capabilities, and eliminates the need for tooling.

Some of the parts being converted include gaskets, seals, components preventing buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR), noise and vibration dampening components, insulators, attachment tapes and thermal management materials.

Labels & Overlays

Tire and automotive labels need to be sturdy and durable to withstand the unforgiving environments where they are used. Topflight produces labels and overlays that identify, instruct and warn the consumer. High performance applications can be developed to work with high temperatures, solvents, weather and UV exposure, and difficult adhesive surfaces. Everything is customized to meet all requirements and regulations for your automotive application.

Self-destructing, frangible acetate materials, patterned adhesives or custom printed void patterns can also warn of tampering. To create a destructible label out of any material, security slits can be added during production, rendering the label irremovable once adhered.

UL/CSA Labels

The UL/CSA (Underwriters Laboratories/ Canadian Standards Association) mark on a product signifies that UL and/or CSA has tested and evaluated representative samples of that product and determined that they meet all standards and requirements.

Topflight offers one of the largest selections of materials and constructions which already meet UL or CSA requirements. Materials are available in a variety of finishes to provide the ideal match for any industrial design, and can withstand temperatures up to 150°C. Some of the many products and component labels available include silicon adhering labels for raised lettering, low point labels, tire and axel identification, instrument panels, high point labels, console trim overlays and domed labels, and engine block labels.

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