Shrink Sleeves Provide 360° Design Coverage PLUS Security Features!

Shrink Sleeves from Topflight

Shrink Sleeves Provide 360° Design Coverage PLUS Security Features!

As retailers look for ways to reduce packaging without affecting shelf appeal, many turn to using shrink sleeves. Printed shrink film is a cost effective and decorative option with the added benefit of tamper protection for product integrity. Full color, 360° design coverage can be produced on symmetrical or contoured containers.

Topflight can produce custom shrink sleeves for a variety of applications, from simple cap seals to intricate product wraps. Many configurations are available, including double, vertical and horizontal burst perforations, and seamed sleeves as well as seamless tubing. Shrink sleeves can be produced on multiple presses from 6 to 17 inches, for narrow applications as small as 15mm to wider sleeves for buy-one-get-one (BOGO) promotional packs.

Security seals can be constructed with holographic stripes, tear strips, and perforations to ensure protection of any product, including pharmaceuticals. Specialty seals not only provide innovative and protective packaging, but can also mark products against counterfeiting and tampering. Security elements such as taggants, security inks, and microtext can also be incorporated for defense against counterfeiting and fraud.

Features such as scented or tactile finishes, holographic looks, gapless printing and optical brightener may be added to maximize design flexibility. Up to 12 colors can be flexo-printed for brand graphics, instructions, and variable data including 2D and QR codes.

Customization with our HP Mosaic software can also be utilized on shrink sleeves. A random image generator, this software creates a variety of unique graphic images from one original vector PDF, or seed file. Through random transformation of the file, using scaling, transposition and rotation, one seed file can produce up to 500,000 unique and reproducible variations. With Mosaic, Variable Data Printing (VDP) goes beyond substituting text, static photos and messages, to easily producing exclusive graphic designs for each individual consumer or product.

For an environmentally friendly packaging option, Topflight can print on PLA sleeves derived from a renewable resource, such as corn, sugar beets, switchgrass and sugarcane.

Tolerances and specifications are as follows, with delivery options in rolls or individual pieces:

  • Layflat size: 15mm to 250mm ± 1mm
  • Maximum print length: 24 inches
  • Film thickness: 40 microns to 70 microns
  • Materials: PVC, PETG, Hybrid, PLA


Labels and shrink sleeves for both decorative and security reasons are a great option in a variety of markets including medical device & pharmaceutical; consumer & durable goods; food & beverage; cosmetics & personal care and electronics.

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