Digital Printing Eliminates Unwanted Label Inventory and Reduces Time to Market

Digital printing press

Digital Printing Eliminates Unwanted Label Inventory and Reduces Time to Market

Topflight’s digital printing option gives you the ability to print only what you need, when and how you need it, shortening your time to market, improving your cash flow and virtually eliminating obsolete inventory.

The 100% digital workflow allows you to change the text, images or barcodes on the art file from one label to the next, giving you the freedom to run personalized, seasonal, regional and promotional graphics to keep your brand fresh, your message current and your customers coming back for more.

The HP Indigo WS6800 eliminates time consuming and costly conventional requirements, such as complex prepress corrections and trapping, plate making and mounting and press make-ready. Labels and shrink sleeves are printed on demand with perfect ink-to-ink registration, type down to 1 point, and incredible detail in images, all while contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment. HP compatible software can also create Mosaic labels, ideal for projects requiring the ultimate customization and personalization. This random image generator can produce 500,000 unique patterns from one vector file!

Another digital printing option, the digital/flexo hybrid, gives you the the best of both digital and conventional printing, in one pass. This digital printing system works in combination with flexographic print stations and is ideal for longer and mid-length runs. It is robust, and has exceptional color-matching capabilities, as well as rotary die-cutting in-line with a variety of other in-line finishing options.

A third digital printing option is our digital toner system, which heat-cures the ink to the substrate and has a lamination option for extra durability, especially for applications requiring high temperatures, outdoor exposure or the potential for abrasion. All of these digital printing options provide several advantages:

  • Customization, variable content and serialization are made easy with database-driven print files
  • Efficiencies include no plates, minimal make-ready, and no inventory
  • Shorter runs and lower quantities are more economical with digital
  • Shorter Lead Times, as files go directly from computer to press
  • Minimal to no waste of material and time, helping to maintain a more sustainable environment
  • In-line rotary die-cutting with the UV-cured ink system means no need for an additional processing step

Digitally printed labels are a perfect fit in all markets, including Pharmaceutical & Medical Device, Electronics, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, and Tire & Automotive. Topflight can also print labels that are UL/CSA certified on particular material combinations for the Consumer & Durable Goods and Chemical markets.

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